Recent Testimonials

  • Working for GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The company is truly genuine and sincere. I have always been treated like a daughter/a friend and not just an employee.
    --- Cecile Barbon, OTR
  • I am proud to inform you that I had my embassy interview this morning and had been approved. Thank you very much for all the support you had given me. The packet is really a big help.
    --- Imee Atabay PT
  • With GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc., I have never felt that I was just an employee and I feel so secure knowing that it is not only me that they care for but their care extends to my family as well.
    --- Heidi Bonifiacio, PT
  • "What I like about GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is that GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. looks out for their therapist. They want to give the best care and values so the therapists can reach their American Dreams."
    --- Abigail Fortich, PT
  • I have so much faith in you and your company... thank you and I really appreciate your genuine concern and commitment.
    --- Franklin Herrera, OT
  • GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is always there when you need them. I'm happy to be part of the GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. company that treats us like one whole family and that matters to me most.
    --- Ariel Salto, PT

We Can Do Better


  • Rehab staffing issues affecting performance and service delivery
  • Poor staff productivity hurting the bottom line
  • Low patient satisfaction and outcomes jeopardizing reimbursements
  • Decrease revenues and ROI
  • Underutilized rehab resources shortens department full potential

imageIf you are experiencing above problems, GMM can help. Let us staff and manage your Rehabilitation Services.

With GMM Pro-Care Providers’ reputation for clinical quality and collective best practices to deliver results, including volume, outcomes, clinical programming, compliance, patient satisfaction and business results.

We can help your therapy program with:

  • Unsurpassed expertise in operations, regulatory issues and clinical care best practices
  • Qualified staff and strategies to drive growth and operational performance
  • In-depth knowledge of your market for census-building through customized programs
  • Advanced technology to support performance
  • Measurable clinical outcomes to demonstrate patient care improvements and to support continuous quality improvement
  • Dedicated quality assurance resources to provide regulatory expertise and compliance support needed to guide your business
  • Proven ability to recruit and retain quality professionals to support your program

When you partner with GMM, we will give you QUALITY, VALUE AND POSITIVE OUTCOMES to your facility every day.

Call 417-782-2917 or Email With no obligation, discuss the best solutions to your rehab department needs.GMM guarantees business results you can count on without compromising patient care quality.

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