Recent Testimonials

  • Working for GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The company is truly genuine and sincere. I have always been treated like a daughter/a friend and not just an employee.
    --- Cecile Barbon, OTR
  • I am proud to inform you that I had my embassy interview this morning and had been approved. Thank you very much for all the support you had given me. The packet is really a big help.
    --- Imee Atabay PT
  • With GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc., I have never felt that I was just an employee and I feel so secure knowing that it is not only me that they care for but their care extends to my family as well.
    --- Heidi Bonifiacio, PT
  • "What I like about GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is that GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. looks out for their therapist. They want to give the best care and values so the therapists can reach their American Dreams."
    --- Abigail Fortich, PT
  • I have so much faith in you and your company... thank you and I really appreciate your genuine concern and commitment.
    --- Franklin Herrera, OT
  • GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is always there when you need them. I'm happy to be part of the GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. company that treats us like one whole family and that matters to me most.
    --- Ariel Salto, PT


Therapy Program Management For Skilled Nursing Facilities

With GMM’s collective best practices through the years, we provide physical, occupational and speech-language therapies with clinical excellence and exceptional value to our clients and patients.

contentImageWe are committed that every patient achieves their fullest potential. Our philosophy is to consistently address the needs of Part B residents, while delivering quality unsurpassed care to our Part A patients. As a result, caseloads are built, resident wellness improves and resident satisfaction increases.

Because we are committed to providing personalized patient solutions, GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. has developed some of the most effective therapy programs and tools. We collaborate with our patients, fellow staff and customers to design programs that help our patients regain their maximum functional abilities.

Therapy Staffing Solution

GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. has a unique understanding and appreciation for the tough choices facing healthcare leaders challenged with balancing patient care and return on investment (ROI).

contentImageGMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is a staffing partner with Clients in various settings throughout the US, including Physical and Occupational Therapists. We provide a long term and retention focused approach in staffing with our clients in long-term acute care hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation centers, inpatient acute rehab units, independent rehabilitation facilities and home care settings.

The benefits of partnering with GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. includes: Consistent and reliable staff, improved retention, worry-free management, and increased revenues. This will give you a competitive advantage to focus your efforts in expanding other areas of your business. Send us a email at for a no obligation quote and contract evaluation.

Healthcare Professional Services

The current national healthcare shortage makes it harder to find, recruit, and retain high caliber licensed healthcare professionals. GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is committed in helping the industry gap by providing highly skilled, internationally trained healthcare professionals; including Physical and Occupational Therapists.

We provide competitive salary and employee benefits including continuing education. We assist new graduates and internationally-trained therapists with their licensure examination review. GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. provides training on effective documentation, opportunity to shadow and be mentored with an experienced therapist prior to job assignment. Our work environment promotes personal growth and expression of an individual’s professional ability.

We assist internationally-trained healthcare professionals with immigration processing. Our immigration specialists and in-house legal team work together in preparation, filing, and obtaining visa petitions. We also help the foreign-trained workers and their families with the other areas of immigration, including but limited to non-immigrant visa extensions and other employment categories, family-based petitions and citizenship.

Send your credentials for a no obligation evaluation at and let us help you achieve your dream of starting a career in the US. Come and take a look of what we can offer.

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