Recent Testimonials

  • Working for GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The company is truly genuine and sincere. I have always been treated like a daughter/a friend and not just an employee.
    --- Cecile Barbon, OTR
  • I am proud to inform you that I had my embassy interview this morning and had been approved. Thank you very much for all the support you had given me. The packet is really a big help.
    --- Imee Atabay PT
  • With GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc., I have never felt that I was just an employee and I feel so secure knowing that it is not only me that they care for but their care extends to my family as well.
    --- Heidi Bonifiacio, PT
  • "What I like about GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is that GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. looks out for their therapist. They want to give the best care and values so the therapists can reach their American Dreams."
    --- Abigail Fortich, PT
  • I have so much faith in you and your company... thank you and I really appreciate your genuine concern and commitment.
    --- Franklin Herrera, OT
  • GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is always there when you need them. I'm happy to be part of the GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. company that treats us like one whole family and that matters to me most.
    --- Ariel Salto, PT


Spring-Summer 2012

  • President’s Message
  • GMM Announces Annual Employee Awards
  • Employee Survey Results Are In
  • News Bites
  • GMM Anniversaries
  • What are Clients Had to Say
  • Physical Fitness and Type 2 Diabetes

2011 Newsletters

January 2011

  • To Err is Human, But…
  • GMM Awards Outstanding Therapist
  • GMM Releases New Guide for Performance Appraisal This Year
  • A Summer to Remember
  • Legal Eyes: Copyright & Photography (Part 1)
  • GMM Care Provider Anniversaries
  • GMM Supports Employees Socio-Civic Activities
  • photo Story

Spring 2011

  • The Seed of Succes Lies Within Us
  • Management Sets New Goals for Expansion
  • GMM Launches Promotional Learning Video
  • What Our Client Has to Say
  • Living The Dream
  • Legal Eyes: Copyright and Photography part 2
  • GMM Care Provider Anniversaries
  • Company Announcements

Summer 2011

  • Condemn Poor Actions-Not People
  • Joplin Rises from the Ashes
  • Aream Manager Conducts Facility Visits
  • Featured Therapist: Disaster Proof Your Records
  • Three Steps to be Prepared: A Family Safety Guide
  • GMM Care Provider Anniversaries
  • GMM Babies
  • 2010 Newsletters
    March – April 2010
    • Loyalty, Prioritized
    • Feautred Therapist: Carmencita Baylosis, RPT
    • GMM Deployment News
    • It’s Tax Time
    • See you in the Philippines, GMM
    • Privacy in the Age of Facebook
    • GMM Therapists’ Home Away from Home
    • GMM’s Warmly Welcomes

    February – April 2010

    Summer 2010

    • The Habits of Going the Extra Mile
    • Featured Therapist: Richard Pestillos, RPT
    • MDS 3.0 and the Impact to your Therapy Program
    • Person and Family Rights of an Overseas Filipino Worker
    • GMM Loyals: Care Providers Anniversaries
    • NHC Gives Service Award to GMM Therapist
    • Illinois Group Team Building a Success
    • Photo Story: Raymond Cacho’s baby girl & Newlyweds Earl Eleccion and Jonah Cornelia
  • 2009 Newsletters
    Holiday 2009
    • The Essence of Giving
    • Featured Therapist: Cheryl Robillos, RPT
    • GMM Deployment News
    • Guidelines on the Registration of Workers
    • Handwriting Without Tears
    • Missouri Kapamilyas Basketball for a Cause
    • GMM Employees and Friends Give it Away
    • GMM’s 2009 Awardees
    • Baby Welcome in Sikeston

    December 2009

    July – August 2009 Newsletter

    • Our Roots
    • Featured Therapist: Nathalie Grace Husain, PT
    • Encountering Patients with Psychiatric Conditions
    • Legal Eyes: Home Sweet Home
    • Cultural Competency in Health Care
    • Give it Away, GMM!
    • Crossing Borders Happened
    • Once Again, A Summer Break to Remember
    • Tribute to Cory Aquino

    May – June 2009 Newsletter

    • Avoiding Blame Game
    • Featured Therapist: Daphne Solano, OTR/L
    • GMM Deployment News
    • “No” to Workplace Injuries
    • Your Benefits: The Fine Print
    • Home at Last!
    • GMM Celebrates

    March – April 2009 Newsletter

    • 6 Steps to Success
    • Featured Therapist: John Lardizabal, PT
    • Looking Back at My Life in USA
    • Your Revised Benefits – PTO
    • Rehabilitation for Patients with Dementia
    • Legal Eyes: Focus: Dual Citizenship for Babies
    • An Ice Storm to Remember

    January 2009

    Winter 2008 – 2009

    • New Year, New Perks
    • Featured Therapist: Rissa Asis, PT
    • Client Pays Tribute to GMM Therapist
    • Wishing Underneath a Christmas Tree: A Holiday Story
    • A Few Words to the Wise
    • Focus: H4, A Primer
    • New Year, New Faces, New Assignments
    • Survey Says
    • Congratulations and Celebrations
  • 2008 Newsletters
    September – October 2008 Newsletter
    • Earn, Save, Give…
    • Feautured Therapists: Roselle & Raymund Solijon
    • A Call for Spouse’s Support
    • Notes from the HR Desk
    • The GMM Learning Center: Know Your Resources
    • Maximum Working Hours Awardees
    • Priority Dates 101
    • A Beautiful Summer
    • GMM Welcomes…
    • GMM Benefits: The Fine Print on PTO
    • Gas Saving Tips
    • Snapshots: Summer Outing for Group 1

    July – August 2008 Newsletter

    • A Holistic Approach Living
    • The Dynamic Duo, Belford Kit Nazareno & Ryan Urbano
    • A Company Beyond My Dreams: A Home Away from Home
    • GMM Sponsored CEU on Wound Care
    • Communication, Relationship Building & Ethics
    • Stopped for Traffic or Highway Violations
    • Sharing Fun Moments with Co-Workers, Friends and Family
    • A Family Reunites
    • GMM Benefits – The Fine Print
    • GMM Review Benefit from Experience
    • Snapshots: Summer Outing

    May – June 2008 Newsletter

    • Communication: Key to Success
    • Group 1 Refocuses to Optimize GMM Operations
    • Featured Therapist: Imee Atabay
    • Group Reports
    • Celebrating OT Month
    • News from the HR Desk
    • Legal Eyes
    • GMM is also My Family: A Recollection
    • Refer a Friend Incentive
    • Celebrations
    • Snapshots

    March – April 2008 Newsletter

    • Embracing Change for Growth
    • A Quick Guide to Wheelchair Problems & Issues
    • Vacation Well Spent
    • Celebrations

    January – February 2008 Newsletter

    • Start the Year Right
    • GMM Awards Achievers
    • Excellence in Action
    • New Board Passers
    • Learning Resource Center
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Snapshots
  • 2007 Newsletters
    December 2007 Newsletter
    • Keeping the Essence this Holiday Season
    • GMM Launches Annual Employee Recognition Program
    • Therapists Choose Award Nominees
    • GMM Welcomes New Therapists
    • How to Drive on Icy Condition

    October 2007 Newsletter

    • Know Your Benefits — It’s Everybody’s Business
    • Implementing Best Practice with Comprehensive Discharge Desicion Making
    • Milos is Employee of the Month in his Facility
    • Rojas Appointed Program Director for La Plata Nursing Home

    September 2007 Newsletter

    • GMM Thetapists get Top Awards
    • Mr. Mishra Announces Incentive Program
    • How to Improve Your Productivity
    • Reasons to Join GMM
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