Recent Testimonials

  • Working for GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The company is truly genuine and sincere. I have always been treated like a daughter/a friend and not just an employee.
    --- Cecile Barbon, OTR
  • I am proud to inform you that I had my embassy interview this morning and had been approved. Thank you very much for all the support you had given me. The packet is really a big help.
    --- Imee Atabay PT
  • With GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc., I have never felt that I was just an employee and I feel so secure knowing that it is not only me that they care for but their care extends to my family as well.
    --- Heidi Bonifiacio, PT
  • "What I like about GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is that GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. looks out for their therapist. They want to give the best care and values so the therapists can reach their American Dreams."
    --- Abigail Fortich, PT
  • I have so much faith in you and your company... thank you and I really appreciate your genuine concern and commitment.
    --- Franklin Herrera, OT
  • GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is always there when you need them. I'm happy to be part of the GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. company that treats us like one whole family and that matters to me most.
    --- Ariel Salto, PT

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find out more about the GMMPCPI’s Culture and Philosophy?

    The GMMPCPI team culture is translated everyday in how we value our people with a family-oriented atmosphere to encourage openness and active participation. We value Integrity, Passion, Respect and Teamwork.

  • Why is GMMPCPI considered a Premier Provider of Contract Therapy Service?

    GMMPCPI staffs and manages the rehabilitation departments in hospitals, nursing centers and school system by providing contract therapy services. These include physical, occupational and speech therapies.

  • What type of Orientation is provided to GMMPCPI employees?

    All new employees hired by GMMPCPI are provided administrative and clinical staff orientation, including:



    Practice Standards

    Policies and Procedures

    Culture Sensitivity Training for Foreign-Trained Professionals

  • What Benefits does GMMPCPI offer employees?

    GMMPCPI’s competitive compensation package* is our way of looking after our people and their families. These include:

    Flexible hours (Full Time or Part Time)

    Health Insurance (for employee and family)

    Prescription Drug Program (for employee and family)

    Dental Plan (for employee and family)

    Short Term Disability Insurance

    Long Term Disability Insurance

    Long Term Care Insurance

    Professional Liability Insurance

    Life Insurance

    Generous Paid Time Off (PTO)

    Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Insurance

    Continuing Education Assistance

    Retirement Plan Contribution

    Relocation Assistance

    Referral Bonus

    For Internationally-Trained Professionals*

    H1B and Green Card Full Sponsorship

    Assistance in review and preparation for therapist’s Certification Examination

    Travel assistance to exam destination

    In-house clinical orientation in documentation and paperwork

    Hands on training to the facility prior to work assignment

    Credit assistance program

    Automobile Purchase Assistance

    Assistance with Professional Dues and Licensure

    Paid Travel

    *Eligibility for benefits depends upon your employment status (full-, part-time, or per diem) and length of employment with company.

  • What Resources does GMMPCPI offer employees?

    Resources provided by GMMPCPI’s Comprehensive Clinical Services Team include:

    PT, OT and SLP

    New Hire orientation

    Specialist and regional support

    Documentation training

    Teleconferences with participating therapists

    Newsletters for each discipline

    In-facility training and mentoring

    24/7 Help Line to Management Team

  • What Clinical Care Programs does GMMPCPI offer to ensure clinical development and quality?

    Professional development of our rehab staff is ensured through:


    Clinical Pathways

    Long-Term Care Patients

    Quality Assurance and Peer Reviews

    Continuous Quality Improvements

    Medicare Management

  • How do I learn more about Partnership Opportunities with GMMPCPI?

    If you are interested in learning more about a GMMPCPI partnership to provide quality rehabilitation care, please contact our Business Development Team at (417) 782 2917. Once you choose GMMPCPI as your partner, we work hard on improving your rehab program through providing highly trained, competent and efficient staff in clinical care with reasonable pricing. We are committed to excellent performance standards and continuous quality improvement.

  • What Staffing Solution helps find staff in a time of therapist shortages?

    Because of our nationwide reach and network of rehabilitation facilities, GMMPCPI has the flexibility to supply therapists to various facilities in a regional area. We coordinate therapist schedules to ensure that your facility has the rehab therapists it needs.

    GMMPCPI makes every effort to retain existing staff and conducts an annual employee survey. Survey results are clearly communicated to all therapists with action plans addressing any employee concerns.

  • How do I Contact GMMPCPI if I am interested in their rehab services?

    If you are interested in a career as a GMMPCPI rehab therapist call (417) 782-2917. If you are interested in learning more about a GMMPCPI partnership to provide quality rehabilitation care call (417) 782-2917.

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