Recent Testimonials

  • Working for GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The company is truly genuine and sincere. I have always been treated like a daughter/a friend and not just an employee.
    --- Cecile Barbon, OTR
  • I am proud to inform you that I had my embassy interview this morning and had been approved. Thank you very much for all the support you had given me. The packet is really a big help.
    --- Imee Atabay PT
  • With GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc., I have never felt that I was just an employee and I feel so secure knowing that it is not only me that they care for but their care extends to my family as well.
    --- Heidi Bonifiacio, PT
  • "What I like about GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is that GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. looks out for their therapist. They want to give the best care and values so the therapists can reach their American Dreams."
    --- Abigail Fortich, PT
  • I have so much faith in you and your company... thank you and I really appreciate your genuine concern and commitment.
    --- Franklin Herrera, OT
  • GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. is always there when you need them. I'm happy to be part of the GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. company that treats us like one whole family and that matters to me most.
    --- Ariel Salto, PT



At GMM Pro-Care Providers, our philosophy in providing quality rehabilitation service is rooted in our staffs high quality standards and ethics to give patients the attention and care they deserve.

What makes the GMM Difference?

  • Unsurpassed expertise in operations, regulatory issues and clinical care best practices
  • Qualified staff and strategies to drive growth and operational performance
  • In-depth knowledge of your market for census-building through customized programs
  • Innovative technology to support performance
  • Measurable clinical outcomes to demonstrate patient care improvements and to support continuous quality improvement
  • Dedicated quality assurance resources to provide regulatory expertise and compliance support needed to guide your business
  • Proven ability to recruit and retain quality professionals to support your program
  • Consistent On-Site Regional Management Presence

GMM’s reputation as “Family Oriented” company and an extraordinary “Employer of Choice” helps attract and retain the top therapists in the field. We consistently match qualified therapists with the right attitudes and credentials to each facility.  We remain selective in our choices, diligently sourcing only those therapists who have long term care experience and the abilities to meet our stringent standards.


imageGMM staff can treat Medicare A patients recovering from orthopedic, cardiac or neurologic conditions or surgical procedures. For patients, it can mean a long journey of inpatient rehabilitation to re-learn how to function independently unless with the help of qualified and skilled therapist. In collaborating with our PPS Program Director and your MDS coordinator, your GMM team will maximize facility reimbursement while placing patients in appropriate RUG categories.  We attend the weekly Medicare meeting ensuring that everyone on the interdisciplinary team agrees with the patient’s course of treatment.

Most Medicare Part A patients are admitted in your facility to receive intensive and appropriate therapy services in order to recover and return to their full prior level of function. We always strive for good outcomes and patient satisfaction to make patients our own advocates in the community. Often times, we utilized many of our Part B programs/ protocols alongside traditional therapy services for your Medicare A residents which yields better overall outcomes and can yield longer lengths of stay as well which can maximize reimbursement to the facility.

GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. strives to provide programs and adaptive services that will enhance the quality of life for your residents.   As a result of our Part B Programs, your residents will benefit from our wealth of available practices and experience.

Our benchmark staffing philosophy is unique. Instead of setting one staffing level benchmark for the facility rehab program, GMM sets two:  one for the Part A caseload and one for the Part B caseload.  This allows all of the residents to have their needs addressed at the time that they need it, not just when the Part A caseload decreases.


GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. recognizes that an important element in succeeding in our mission is to establish and maintain the highest standard of business ethics and professionalism. It is GMM’s belief that adherence to high standards will have positive results both personally and professionally for every employee and the Company as a whole.

  • Compliance Hotline
  • Field Documentation Audits
  • Billing Audit
  • Staff Training
  • Maintenance of Records and Retention
  • Denial Management Process
  • GMM will provide periodic review of clinical documentation and daily review of Part A billing logs. This will reduce the risk of error and subsequent denials.
  • GMM remains current with changing health care regulations and strives to meet facility documentation needs.

imageRehab healthcare leaders has been facing increasing challenges in the always changing healthcare landscape, including effective marketing. GMM Pro-Care Providers is available to assist our partner facilities in the design and development of a comprehensive marketing program. We will assist with community activities and marketing efforts to enhance the awareness of all levels of service at the facility.

Our support includes but is not limited to:

  • Participating in hospital and/or physician marketing
  • Identification of opportunities with referral sources
  • Assistance with marketing and educating referral sources
  • Provide customized template for facility specific brochures
  • Identifying the community needs for existing or new programs
  • Implementing programs to address community needs

With a commitment to developing a full marketing plan, GMM Pro-Care Providers partners with you beyond traditional marketing. Employing the same dedication provided to advance your relationships with your referral sources, we believe in harnessing the power of your community to increase awareness. How the community views your facility and rehab services is vital to a facility’s overall success. Our team will partner with you to increase public awareness and education of your facility’s rehab programs.  Avenues may include open houses, family nights, wellness programs, and local programming.


Thank you for your interest in GMM Pro-Care Providers, Inc. Therapy Services.
To help GMM prepare an accurate proposal or cost analysis of your current rehabilitation program we need some information about your current utilization and program needs.

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